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Executive Mind Management is the key to unlock potential for you and your leadership team in a chaotic world!

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What is one thing you would like to change to enhance your vision?

  • Take your leadership team to the next level. in sync with your vision
  • Develop executives to move from Subject Matter Experts to Global Strategist
  • Enable peers to work together better
  • Better relationship with your board
  • Surface what is limiting my team or me to open up the possibilities
  • Develop you to be a more inspiring and visionary executive

We can provide you with experienced & confidential support for your journey!

Sometimes CEO’s just need someone they can trust to share confidential details.  Giving you a chance to say your thoughts out loud can bring clarity and deeper understanding.  We provide feedback and options from our experience as CEO advisor/coach for fresh perspectives or help you reframe and interact more successfully and with greater impact.

With confidentiality, we have experience with a number of CEO’s and can bring new insights and possibilities to your ideas.

Challenges that face today’s leaders:

  • Do you need someone to see the CHAMPION in you and your team and bring it to the unifying surface

  • You know your potential is excellent, but you cannot find the combination to move me forward.

  • You are being invited to interviews but never come in first

  • Your contributions are appreciated, but you are not elevated to a higher role

  • Demands and stress are robbing you of your future

  • You feel like you are invisible and do not have a voice at the table

  • You believe the culture and peers are holding you back from success

What are the benefits of Neuro Executive Coaching?

Can Neuroscience really help me make real changes and improve my leadership offers?

Neuro Executive Coaching supports individuals in achieving the following:
  • personal and professional growth
  • more creativity and innovation
  • enhancing their well-being
  • fostering more effective ways of engaging with the world.

Can be applied to various areas, including:

  • leadership development
  • resilience/stress management
  • communication skills
  • emotional intelligence
  • performance enhancement 
  • personal transformation

Neuroscience has brought a deeper understanding of our brain and mind function.   These insights are used in coaching to enable leaders to:

  • Adapt and recover from old patterns of behavior, biases, perceptions, and habits to elevate our leadership.
  • Use the malleable aspects of the brain to improve health, happiness, and wealth
  • Rewire our brain to see more possibilities
  • Allow a better version of yourself to emerge
  • Achieve excellence in any pursuit
  • Holistic integration of your total impact
  • A stronger sense of well-being for confidence and peace
  • The foundation of identity and purpose for being



OUR MISSION:  Enrich the lives of others to enable them to breakthrough to their full POTENTIAL?

LinkedIn network of over 20,000 followers and executive coaching with thousands of leaders provides the experience and insights to combine with our certifications to bring transformational results to individual leaders, teams, and organizations!


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Our Services

Dr. Jim Rives (Neuro Executive Leadership Coach) is the founder of Executive Leadership Institute Inc. and uses his NeuroChange Practitioner certification and Somatic coaching techniques to develop an integrated coaching practice. His personal and professional development approach focuses on integrating the mind, body, and emotions. It recognizes the interconnection between our physical sensations, emotions, and thought patterns and aims to facilitate self-awareness and transformation through neuroscience and somatic (body-based) practices.

Neuro Executive Coaching places the focus on the origination of behaviors, emotions, mindsets, beliefs, and thoughts using insights from Neuroscience.  The deeper areas in the subconscious mind are surfaced, generating over 95% of how each leader shows up.  Coaching partners with the leader to understand the energy and hard-wired patterns that can be changed using proven methodology once brought into conscious awareness.

Somatic coaching draws from various disciplines, such as social psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, and body-oriented therapies. It emphasizes the idea that our bodies hold valuable information and wisdom that can guide us in creating meaningful change in our lives. By paying attention to bodily sensations, movement patterns, posture, and breath, somatic coaching aims to help individuals deepen their self-awareness and develop new ways of relating to themselves and others.

Somatic Leadership: body/mind/spirit integration for Compelling Leadership Presence
Leadership Agility: Developing Top 10% Leadership Competencies of – Catalyst, Co-Creator, Synergist
iEQ9 Enneagram: Surfacing the best version of your leadership
NeuroChange:  Using the latest discoveries in neuroscience, social psychology, philosophy and leadership research to support stunning transformation

The integration of Neuro Executive Coaching and Somatics has proven valuable in helping thousands of executives realize and practice better mind management.  The results produce higher achievements and often move to roles of higher responsibility and opportunity and a more fulfilling

All Executive Coaching offers incorporate the “Neuro Intuitive Executive State of Mind ACCELERATOR” online course developed by Dr. Jim Rives.


CEO Advisor and Coach

Often stated that “it is lonely at the top!”  No one carries the weight and impact of the CEO.  The loneliness comes from not being to have a trusted, objective and insightful advisor.  Now you do!

Advisor not caught up in the dynamics of interactions and experienced to provide deep insights

Executive Team Succession

A major shift has taken place at the C-Suite level in the past few years.  Boards are seeking Agile Leaders with a deeper understanding of the dynamics at work in the market and how to respond.


TEAM/GROUP Neuro Executive Coaching

Embracing the latest in mind & brain science to discern authentic dynamics and turn challenges into assets resulting in a “smoothness” and cohesive leadership team


Neuro Executive State of Mind Accelerator

Holistic approach to each leader’s integration of mind, body and spirit to tap into their authentic power source and propel their leadership offer to move toward their full potential.

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