The Neuro Executive State of Mind Accelerator Opens New Pathways to Significant Leadership Impact

Staggering advances in Mind Sciences have led to new insights in Neuroscience, which as a leader can use, adapt, recover, and emerge as a ‘New Person.’   The Executive State of Mind Accelerator enables using different parts of the brain to see possibilities, make better choices, and be free to innovate and move more effectively

SECU Maryland Credit Union  (Dave Sweiderk CEO) retained Executive Leadership Institute to transform its leadership culture.  The $5 billion credit union now enjoys heightened leadership interactions and stellar performance at all levels.  Mindsets have been changed, emotional intelligence elevated, and record revenues.  The iEQ9 enneagram was utilized to enlighten leaders with new understandings of each other and how to bring out the best.

Our coaching takes the elements of:

  • Neuroscience
  • Somatics
  • Social psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Experience working with thousands of executives to surface their unique purpose and strengths
  • Limiting thoughts, emotions, and choices were brought to their awareness that had been keeping them from reaching their full potential.  The change empowered them to surface the best version of themselves.

Take ownership of your career and guide your future to more success and fulfillment.  We can show you how your uniqueness can be a gift!


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Corporations retain us to develop their “C” team and senior roles for more significant responsibilities.  Neuroscience and modern psychology, along with successfully working with thousands of executives, support our passion for enabling leaders to make a big difference.

Dr. Jim Rives
Executive Coach