I help leaders like you develop the awareness of how to reach their full potential.
Using Neuroscience and years of experience with executives 
Retained by CEO’s as advisor and to build “C” teams and future CEO’s

Life has not always been the quality, peace and success that I enjoy today.  Life was good but I was never arriving at who I thought I really was and to my full potential.

Then something radically changed.

A divorce in my 50’s and suddenly I was lost – really lost.  Let me be candid…the divorce was my fault and I knew it but I did not have the foundation that I thought was mine.  I stumbled around for several years until I was fortunate to be selected to become an Executive Recruiter to banks and credit unions across the US.  However, their business model meant that I had to become a Certified Leadership Coach.  This certification was the transformation that I did not realize I needed – but boy I was so grateful.

The change lifted me personally and professionally.  I had enjoyed big titles and prestige before but this was different. I was no longer looking for external people and forces to dictate my success and joy.

As a result, I became the #1 Executive Recruiter for my firm and they made me President of that division.  I also served as an Executive Coach to CEO’s and their teams.  I founded Executive Leadership Institute, Inc. in 2008 and my former clients and CEO’s sought me out to support their needs.  In the 14 years since I have never solicited anyone and all my business has been by referral.

Am I saying that life has no problems now?  Not so!  I am saying that there is a big difference.

After forming my company in 2008, financial services hit a recession and I lost all my contracts.  BUT…because I had a new confidence and mindset, I was sought out by community leaders to develop local business owners and then became the CEO of an Economic Development non-profit.  In 2012 my former clients found me on LInkedIn and retained me to go back into coaching full time.  At the time of this writing that is over 10 years ago and life keeps getting better and better.

Now I “get to” work with stellar CEO’s developing their executives and teams.  What do I and my team do?  We help leaders tap into their inner power that is waiting in their minds and learn to think and move in a more powerful and rewarding manner.

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Caitlin Magidson, NCC, LCPC

Executive & Personal Coach I Psychotherapist

Counselor (LCPC), Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), and Certified Coach in private practice serving clients in the Washington DC metro region and remotely around the world.

Caitlin integrates her specialties of mental health counseling and coaching as she works with clients navigating life transitions to gain clarity and confidence in reaching their goals. She previously worked as the Assistant Director of Coaching & Education at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and currently coaches executive leaders through Hopkins’ Academy for Women and Leadership and The Academy for Health Care Leadership and Management.  She also coaches leaders through the Executive Leadership Institute.

Caitlin is certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI), Strengths Finder, EQ-i 2.0, and EQ 360 with a Career Management Certificate from The Academies.  She has presented at companies across various industries to include a Fortune 500 company as well as local and national career development conferences.  Caitlin holds a BA in Corporate Communications from Elon University, and Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University.

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